Gregory BLIN was born on February 8, 1968, in Nogent sur Seine out of Champagne, ground with the rich heart which transmitted its magic to him.

Very early, Gregory BLIN felt attracted by paintings which became his reason for leaving.

Although autodidact, he follows three major impulses : love fore nature, love for his work and last but not least, the urge for painting. His approach and his study are highly educational so his the keen work he pursues. Lastly, the discovery of the 20th century Masters, in particular, the "Fauvistes", but also of the street painters whom he meets both in books and museums than into squats.

In 1988, at the age of 20, Gregory introduces his first paintings.

Shortly after that, he settles in La Rochelle, where his work is quickly noticed by Gallery CHARVET located in the Ile de Re.

In 1992, he leaves La Rochelle and its special light towards Lyon, a large European city which opened the doors of Italy and Switzerland to him.

Overcoming his lack of pictural education, Gregory BLIN evolves in his own way and with much intuition and step by step he recreates the story of the 20th century painting.

As early as 1996, his painting, which still remains figurative, leads him towards more abstract forms although sometimes preserving conscious memories of reality. He forsakes oil which he works for a knife to use acrylic resin, gel, the dry pastel, collages and from now on the aerosol bomb.

It is more than ever in himself that Gregory BLIN draws the force to paint, projecting his unconscious and his conscious. His work often bears the name of "birds", "dreams"; this is his answerto the "without title" of the majority of the contemporary paintings, thus underlining the share of love and poetry which is part of his art. He imagines his works when he tears them off the walls of the city, then transfigures them,naturalizes them with is bomb aerosol, then making them spit their "heart" for bette revealing his own art.

Gregory BLIN will go until the end of the possibilities of the new material. The  aerosol bomb shows his will to enrich and bring the realization of the painting. Thus in his works,where the fawn-coloured accent remains, the art of the street perpires as in a dream.

Gregory BLIN was born painter as some are born boy or girl. Do not ask him to explainhis work to you, he would be enable to do so. He paints as he breathes, by need and vital obligation. His work comes from  deep inside in his body, notof its mind.

In his painting, he goes even further and answers the unknown desires that we are nor always able to formulate. He brings dreams to those who do not sleep and do not know how to dream, he forces those who refuse to interiorize to do so, he finally gives back to painting its ambition to be both useful ans beautiful, without being either useless or being intellectually dehydrated.


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